We were all prepared to announce this year's recipients of the Jan Moore Memorial Scholarship at our annual crawfish boil, but then a power outage knocked out our sound system. It would have been virtually impossible to talk over the noise of a crowd of LSU fans eating boiled crawfish, so we punted on that idea.

This year, we had quite a few very deserving graduating seniors apply for our special scholarship for freshman students who are going to be attending LSU this fall. This year, the winner of the Jan Moore Memorial Scholarship is Parker Dlabaj, who is the son of LSU-Memphis members Tim and Michelle Dlabaj. Parker will receive a $1,000 scholarship made possible by funds raised by events such as our annual crawfish boil. Parker will be graduating from Saint Benedict at Auburndale with an incredible 4.1 GPA and having scored a very impressive 30 on his ACT exam. He is a member of the National Honor Society among several other honors and awards. We look forward to following his journey and many successes to come in Baton Rouge!!

Joining Parker at LSU this fall will be our runner-up, Caroline Ammons. She is the daughter of Max and Katie Ammons who are also members of our chapter. She graduated from Collierville High School, and we are pleased to honor her achievements with a $500 scholarship. Please join us in congratulating our winners!!

Folks, it's not easy to select a winner from the group of outstanding applicants that we had this year. Both of these outstanding students that were selected are very deserving and we wish them great success in their future efforts at LSU!!

Don't forget that your support of our group through your membership dues and our fundraising events help to make these scholarships possible. THANK YOU!!